Aztec Adventure

Enter the jungles of Central America and you'll come face to face with a stone idol who also happens to be a slot machine. This game is a genuine delight since it is visually appealing, has strong and straightforward gameplay, and has an adequate return on investment (RTI) and volatility level.
Aztec Adventure - BF Games - Aztecs

Aztec Adventure – Enter the jungles of Central America and you’ll come face to face with a stone idol who also happens to be a slot machine. This game is a genuine delight since it is visually appealing, has strong and straightforward gameplay, and has an adequate return on investment (RTI) and volatility level.

Aztec Adventure RTP 96.22%

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Slot Provider:BF Games
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Aztec Adventure themes:Aztecs, 3-Reels
Popularity:Very low
Available on:Mobile, Desktop
Win lines:Unknown

A look at the Aztec Adventure

Theme and plot of the story

The Aztec civilization flourished in Central America over a time span that roughly corresponds to the end of the High Middle Ages in Europe, according to certain estimates. For around two hundred and fifty years, from approximately 1300 until the arrival of Spanish settlers in the early 1500s, their colossal pyramids were the most impressive architectural masterpieces in the New World, dwarfing even the Great Pyramid of Giza.

How would things have turned out if they’d created a slot machine?

Aztec Adventure, developed by BF Games, proposes a daring alternate history for the ancient civilization. A bizarre idol, possessed by fire energy, extends to you a cylinder of stone, on which three rows of three symbols are revealed in the form of three rows of three symbols. When you press a button, the idol rotates the cylinder, creating a basic three by three slot in the ground.

So that’s what we found out.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

The graphics are really where Aztec Adventure wears its colours. The gameplay has been designed to be as easy as possible in order to allow for the highest potential level of display quality.

And it is effective at that level. The three-dimensional animation is superbly created, and the entire thing appears just as nice on a laptop screen or a mobile phone as it does on a bigger screen or television (sometimes a problem with very high-def slots).

This game has a great feeling of character and a distinct environment thanks to the animations used for the reel spins, which are both entertaining and diverse. The idol spins the reels with different motions, which truly adds to the sense of character and unique ambiance. A very effective use of 3D graphics is the way the idol moves to represent the triumphs, which is particularly noticeable….

In addition to the background audio of jungle noises and a pan pipe musical track, there are a number of other sound effects to take advantage of, including the rumble of the stones as they spin and the occasional chanting of the idol, which all combine to create a slot machine experience that is about as immersive as a slot machine can possibly be.


The gameplay in this game is quite enjoyable. In order to give the animation and programming teams the freedom to go all out on the graphics, a conscious effort has been made not to overcomplicate the gameplay itself. As a consequence, the game does not do a great deal, but it accomplishes everything brilliantly.

As a result, what you get is a three by three slot with twenty seven win ways. Three symbol combinations with one symbol on each reel are the most straightforward method to define twenty-seven win ways.

The four lowest paying symbols are stacked, and if you fill all nine available positions on the reels with the same symbol, you will get a quadruple payout per line.

There is also a straightforward double-or-nothing gamble function that may be utilized to increase the volatility of Aztec Adventure, as well as several fundamental unique symbols that are discussed further below.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

There is a Wild symbol that may be used to replace for any other sign in the game save for the Scatter symbol. You can only get one Wild on a single reel, but if you get one on all three reels, you will get a payout equal to 20 times your stake, in addition to the other prizes.

If you manage to land three of the Scatters, you will be awarded fifteen free games. You can only get one of them each reel, much like the Wild. You have the option to retrigger the Free Spins.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

96.22 percent of the money wagered is returned to the player in this game, which is a very common percentage for slots in the business.

The betting range on the site we tested was $/£/€0.10 to $/£/€50.00, which should be plenty for most people’s bankrolls, but may leave a few very high rollers out in the cold if they have a large enough bankroll. However, depending on which website you choose, your results may vary significantly.

Because of the extensive use of the gamble function, the volatility of this game is medium, and it may be increased further. We choose the greater variance option since it is the most compatible with our slot-based techniques.


With a lot of personality and an immersive environment, Aztec Adventure is a gorgeous-looking slot with a lot of charm.

The gameplay is a bit straightforward, but that should not be a deterrent unless you are looking for the type of excitement that sophisticated minigames provide.

The return to player and variance are not particularly high, but they are well within the range of what we are happy to suggest to our customers. As a result, the most important factor affecting a suggestion is whether or not the style is appropriate for you.