Charming Lady Luck

A pretty, if somewhat thematically unclear, slot machine with a nice RTP. Pros: It's visually appealing and well-animated. Cons: There could be more free spins!
Charming Lady Luck - 1X2 Gaming - 5-Reels

Charming Lady Luck – A pretty, if somewhat thematically unclear, slot machine with a nice RTP. Pros: It’s visually appealing and well-animated. Cons: There could be more free spins!

Charming Lady Luck RTP 97.32%

Slot function Slot description
Slot Provider: 1X2 Gaming
Slot date created:
RTP: 97.32%
Features: Configurable winlines
Charming Lady Luck themes: 5-Reels
Popularity: Very low
Available on: Desktop
Win lines: Unknown

Review of the game Charming Lady Luck

Theme and plot of the story

Identifying the specific topic or tale of Charming Lady Luck is a bit difficult to achieve. It is set against a woodland that has been painted in purple twilight colors. With a shower of animated stars, and a variety of traditional Ace to Nine card values as well as artifacts vaguely connected with good luck (a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a leprechaun’s coin, and a ladybird), this game is sure to bring you luck.

However, although this jumble of graphics does function very well, mostly due to the fact that they are all pretty wonderfully made, it lacks the immersive quality of some other slots that are more carefully organized around a scene, concept, or subject.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

Every one of the random symbols in this 1X2 Gaming slot is beautifully created, and the overall design is straightforward and simple to understand. Everything is portrayed in fairly high clarity, as well.

The animations for the spins are fantastic, but where the game truly excels is in the little details that appear in and around these motions. After deciding on the amount of win lines, they appear on the board in a visually appealing animation, and the help pages also appear above the screen in an animated manner. It hints to a delightful attention to detail that is exhibited at every level of the organization.

The audio loops are soothing and not too intrusive, which is just what you want in a relaxing environment. They may get rather repetitious, but it is simple to turn them off if you feel that they are getting into your brain or getting on your nerves too much.


The game’s flow is nice, and it functions pretty well. However, the incorporation of the free spins and the way the animations burst into action when you win assist to make it seem less dully repetitive than it otherwise may feel.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

The Charming Lady Luck slot machine does not have a bonus feature, but it does provide you with free spins if you land three to five of the Free Spin symbols on the reels (a crystal ball, just to muddy the theme even further).

Three Free Spin icons provide you with five free spins, four award you with ten, and five award you with fifteen. During the free spins, you will not be able to retrigger the Free Spin symbols. This is a little number of free spins, and 15 looks a bit meager for landing five matching symbols (a very difficult feat with this game).

Additionally, in addition to the Free Spins symbols, there are also Scatter symbols, which are only added to the reels when the player is awarded free spins. These are the areas where you may win a significant sum of money, since striking only two Scatters awards you 10 times your wager every spin, while hitting five Scatters awards you up to 200 times your stake per spin.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

The return on investment (RTI) of 97.32 percent is above average and indicates a clear pull.

Because coin values are rather closely controlled, it is more difficult to produce a large range of bets unless your selected site allows for a variety of coin values to be used. The game lets you to use between one and five coins per line, which means that at the site we tested, you could use between €/$/£0.01 and €/$/£5.00 per line.

The number of lines may be increased to anywhere from one to nine, but the maximum stake was still €/$/£45.00 every spin, regardless of the number of lines used. The height is sufficient for the majority of individuals, although it is unlikely to appeal to the most extreme rollers.

Unfortunately, there is very little available information on the volatility of this slot; nonetheless, based on the number of wins per spin that we experienced when testing it, it seems to have a medium to high level of volatility.


Overall, despite the fact that the gameplay is extremely simple, we suggest this slot. We appreciate the game’s overall appearance and feel, as well as the fact that it has an RTP of over 97 percent.

A more intriguing bonus would be welcome, as would anything else to break up the monotony of the game’s action.

You could want a more straightforward setup, in which case this is the appropriate position for you.