Cool Jewels

Cool Jewels is a bright, ice-themed grid-slot with a high return to player (RTP) of 96.10 percent and minimal variance.
Cool Jewels - WMS - 6-Reels

Cool Jewels – Cool Jewels is a bright, ice-themed grid-slot with a high return to player (RTP) of 96.10 percent and minimal variance.

Cool Jewels RTP 96.1%

Slot functionSlot description
Slot Provider:WMS
Slot date created:October 2014
Features:Free spins, Autoplay
Cool Jewels themes:6-Reels, Gems and diamonds
Available on:Mobile, Desktop
Win lines:Unknown

Review of Cool Jewels

Theme and plot of the story

Cool Gems mixes the beauty of water crystals with the crystalline stones that are found in real jewels to create a unique experience.

The player’s objective in this cold terrain is to match the grid of gems in order to spin gold out of the frozen wasteland. There isn’t much of a story to go along with this. There is no true plot, however there is a friendly polar bear in the logo, which helps the player realize that they are not completely alone in the gloomy northern areas of the game’s world.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

The visuals are rather nice, with largely smooth movements and bright, legible symbols throughout the game. The backdrop and symbols are beautifully rendered, and the features of the heads-up display are equally appealing to the eye.

When some of the more elaborate symbols are falling, there is an effort at motion blur that is a little clunky. On the other hand, the images of the slot have a polished and professional appearance to them.

There is a well-chosen synth tune playing in the background that provides the type of spangly, echoing tone that you would expect from an ice cave. Added to this are the sound effects for the victory and spin, which work together to create a great sensation of anticipation and anticipation.


Each spin of the reels in Cool Jewels, a grid-based slot game, generates a random six-by-six square of symbols. Winning combinations are formed by groups of four or more of the identical symbols that are linked vertically or horizontally. As is true of most games, the greater the number of symbols in a winning combination, the greater the prize.

Each successful combination is then taken from the grid, and the symbols above it are allowed to fall to the ground to form new winning combinations. This is referred to as a cascade. When there are no fresh winning combinations, a spin comes to a conclusion. Each occurrence in the cascade raises the likelihood that the player will be able to launch the bonus game.

There are a variety of entertaining game elements to keep players entertained in addition to the bonus (which is detailed below), many of which are dependent on the several types of Wilds available (see below for more on that too).

In general, the gameplay is smooth and well-paced throughout. This is a significant positive for this position.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

In the world of Wild, there are four distinct sorts. The Unstable Wild, Shattering Wild, Shocking Wild, and Persisting Wild. The Wild symbols may be used to replace any other symbols on the screen, with the exception of the other types of Wild.

Each of the four types of Wild has its own set of characteristics. When several Wild types are included in the same winning combination, they activate extra characteristics that alter the grid until the conclusion of the round in which they were triggered.

The free spin bonus is triggered when four or more Bonus symbols are destroyed. In order to form a winning combination with Bonus symbols, Wilds must be used; nevertheless, they do not count towards the total number of Bonus symbols eliminated.

When three Bonus symbols appear in a row, followed by a Wild symbol and then another Bonus symbol, the group is considered a winning combination and counts as five symbols in total. Only the four Bonus symbols in that line of five symbols, however, contribute to the total number of spins awarded to the player.

When four Bonus symbols appear in a row, you will be awarded eight free spins. Ten free spins are awarded for landing five Bonus symbols. Six of them get a 15-point prize, while seven receive a 20-point award.

Free spins may be re-activated at any time.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

96.10 percent of this game’s revenue is returned to the user, which is somewhat more than our benchmark of around 96 percent.

There was a wide selection of bets available on the site we tested, ranging from a minimum wager per spin of $/£/€0.50 up to a maximum stake per spin of $/£/€200.00.

Our recommended slot machine techniques do not work well with this game because of its low level of volatility. Our slot techniques are designed to provide the greatest amount of volatility feasible. Players who want to go their own way, on the other hand, may find a lot to like in this position, given its other favorable aspects.


Cool Jewels is a well-designed, entertaining slot machine that has several attractive features.

The aesthetics are superb, a kind of ice-based Candy Crush arrangement with a more mature look and far better graphics than the original game. There is a lot of variety in the gameplay and it is smooth and quick paced. The bonuses are entertaining, and the randomly generated elements are innovative.

Despite the fact that it will not work well for our favorite slot methods, players who are not concerned with maximizing volatility may still find a lot to like about this game.

In general, this is a fantastic time period.