The low volatility of this slot, which otherwise is an entertaining and appealing game, is its primary downside. The return on investment (RTI) is 96.75 percent.
GEMiX - Play'n GO - Gems and diamonds

GEMiX – The low volatility of this slot, which otherwise is an entertaining and appealing game, is its primary downside. The return on investment (RTI) is 96.75 percent.

GEMiX RTP 96.0%

Slot functionSlot description
Slot Provider:Play’n GO
Slot date created:December 2014
Features:Bonus feature, Autoplay, Quickspin feature
GEMiX themes:Gems and diamonds
Available on:Mobile, Desktop
Win lines:Unknown

GEMiX is being reviewed.

Theme and plot of the story

GEMiX is a fun, fast paced slot set in a realm full of wizards, mining dwarves, and lollipop princesses. During your quest for jewels and diamonds, you will be able to traverse between different “worlds” of this realm by completing patterns on the reels.

The high-fantasy notions are depicted in this slot machine in a cartoonish and childlike manner, which seems a bit out of place for a slot machine. Although the game has an unusual tone, it is saved from the trash heap by superb graphic design and some amusing gameplay elements that help lure the player into the universe that Play’n GO is building.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

GEMiX could have gone for a more straightforward graphic approach, but instead picked bright colors and cartoon figures. As opposed to this, the grid is adorned with beautifully created 3D jewels, the multiple counters are all meticulously drawn and animated to perfection, and each of the features, when activated, entails a sweetly designed figure appearing near the reels.

The entire aesthetic design of this slot machine is outstanding. Even though there is a lot going on, the interface remains logical and pleasing to the eye. And each of the three “worlds” of gaming has its own set of customization options.

The music has the sense of a Hanna Barbera Saturday morning cartoon series, and as such, it is both well suited to the game yet likely to be somewhat aggravating to the majority of people that play it.


GEMiX is a video slot that is played on a seven by seven grid rather than on winlines and reels. When a cluster of five or more of the same symbol occurs, the player wins the round. A cluster is a collection of symbols that are linked together either horizontally or vertically.

When using a cascade system, winning symbols are removed from the screen and new symbols are dropped in from above.

There are three distinct versions of the main game, one for each of the game’s three “worlds.” When the player completes a pattern in the backdrop of the reels, the game switches between the two worlds in which he or she is playing. These patterns are completed when the player has placed a winning symbol on each of the squares in the pattern at least once throughout the game.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

The Wild symbols may be used to replace any other symbols and are activated at random. When a Wild is triggered, what occurs next is determined by the “world” in which the player is now located.

Miner’s world has up to 10 Wilds, which are distributed at random over the grid. In the Princess’s realm, the Wild begins at one of the edges and then expands randomly, one sign at a moment, until it reaches another of the edge symbols. It is possible to have up to eight Sticky Wilds in the Wizard’s realm. This kind of Sticky Wild does not drop down during cascades and does not disappear if it is part of a winning combination.

As an alternative to a bonus game, there are a number of extra features that are activated when a player destroys 20 symbols on the same spin, therefore filling up the Bonus meter. If a player eliminates 40 symbols in a single spin before the meter is activated, an extra 3 times multiplier is applied to all further wins made during that spin by the player.

The bonuses are as follows:

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  • Light Beam, in which one symbol shoots out light beams transforming random symbols into other symbols;
  • Chain Lightning, which links two corner symbols with a wandering line, all symbols on the line are then transformed into one of the corner symbols;
  • Nova Blast in which one symbol explodes, turning itself and the other symbols around it into another symbol;
  • and Crystal Warp in which all symbols of one type are turned into other symbols

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

The return to player for GEMiX is around 96.75 percent, which puts it slightly ahead of the typical slot, which we estimate to have a return to player of approximately 96 percent.

There was a wide selection of bets available on the site we tested, ranging from a minimum wager per spin of $/£/€0.50 up to a maximum stake per spin of $/£/€100.00.

Because of the low volatility of this game, it is completely ineffective for any player who expects to use our recommended slot methods.


Although GEMiX has a completely pleasant core gameplay loop and a visually appealing visual style, the game’s low volatility is a disappointment.

While this implies that players who are adopting our recommended methods will want to steer clear of GEMiX, players who do not mind playing a low volatility slot will find much to love in the game itself.