Golden Offer

Golden Offer is a charming little slot with excellent features, high volatility, and a respectable return to player (RTP) (96.03 percent ).
Golden Offer - Red Tiger Gaming - 5-Reels

Golden Offer – Golden Offer is a charming little slot with excellent features, high volatility, and a respectable return to player (RTP) (96.03 percent ).

Golden Offer RTP 96.03%

Slot functionSlot description
Slot Provider:Red Tiger Gaming
Slot date created:July 2016
Features:Bonus feature, Autoplay, Quickspin feature
Golden Offer themes:5-Reels, Asian
Available on:Mobile, Desktop
Win lines:40

Review of the Golden Offer

Theme and plot of the story

A rather conventional Chinese-themed slot, Golden Offer makes heavy use of iconography like as Chinese statues, pearls, and the ying-yang symbol to create its winning combination. In common with most of these types of slots, the color scheme is all red and gold, and when you score a huge win, there are coins with square holes in them strewn throughout the floor of the casino.

Despite the fact that it uses many of the same design components as other slots in the same thematic ballpark, Golden Offer seems a bit different because to the tiny tweaks to the theme that have been included. Instead of the customary rooftop scene, stone walls are used as backdrops, and there are no crimson curtains to be seen anywhere in the video (both being the basic version of the backdrop for a theme of this kind).

Overall, it is a refined rendition of a subject that has become rather stale over time.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

The visuals in Golden Offer are one of the most appealing aspects of the game. They are superbly crafted instances of understatement, since they have very little flair. The backdrop and reels work well together, and the visuals avoid clashing with one another and function well as a cohesive series of images.

The animations are done in a similar manner with a light hand. The reels have a pleasing weight to them as they spin, and there is a well-designed mechanism in place to slow down the reels and increase the tension when the Bonus symbols begin to appear.

The music complements these animations and serves to tie the entire thing together well. It cannot be overstated how much a well-chosen collection of spin and win sounds can transform a simple slot machine into an immersive experience.


Golden Offer is a video slot developed by Red Tiger Gaming that has an interesting reel layout. When combined with the basic game, the 3-5-5-5-3 structure forms an extended octagon. There are forty winning combinations available on these odd reels.

For added excitement, there is the Golden Offer bonus game, which is a unique spin on the bonus game genre that plays like a tiny version of the popular game show Deal or No Deal. There are also a handful of features that are activated at random. All of this is discussed in further depth in the section following.

The overall gameplay is engaging enough to keep players engaged while still allowing the fundamentals to have the space they need to function properly.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

The Wild symbol may be used to replace any other symbol with the exception of the Golden Offer symbol.

Three Bonus symbols are required to activate a one-of-a-kind bonus game: the Golden Offer Bonus. During this bonus round, four monetary bonuses are awarded at random to players. The player is presented with them one by one and has the option to accept the offer or reject it in order to go on to the next one. If the player makes it to the final offer, it is automatically accepted by the system.

In addition, there are four lion characteristics. These features are triggered at random and occur before the reels stop.

The Special Reels Feature eliminates all low-value symbols from the reels, allowing for larger payouts. The Lion’s Nudge adjusts the position of the reels in order to provide the greatest potential payouts. Wild Reels transform a selection of reels into a full set of Wilds. Finally, Swap Tiles replaces random tiles containing high-value symbols with high-value symbols that are chosen at random.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

It is nearly precisely the same as our yardstick for average, which is about 96 percent, so this game has a 96.03 percentage return to the player.

The range of bets available on the site we tested ranged from a minimum of $/£/€0.20 per spin up to a maximum of $/£/€20.00 per spin, with the lowest being $0.20 and the highest being $20.00.

Because of the high level of volatility in this game, it is a good fit for our favored slot machine strategy. With our slot tactics, we strive to achieve the maximum level of volatility possible.


Golden Offer takes superb visuals and an unpretentious design and adds a fascinating bonus game, random elements, and a respectable return to player (RTP) to create a winning combination.

Aside from that, the high volatility corresponds nicely with our slot machine methods.

Overall, we really suggest this slot machine.