Jump! is a well-made slot with a high return to player (RTP) of over 98 percent and enough volatility to make us sit up and take notice of what's going on in the game.
Jump! - Habanero - Fruits

Jump! – Jump! is a well-made slot with a high return to player (RTP) of over 98 percent and enough volatility to make us sit up and take notice of what’s going on in the game.

Jump! RTP 98.13%

Slot functionSlot description
Slot Provider:Habanero
Slot date created:September 2018
Features:Free spins, Autoplay, Quickspin feature
Jump! themes:Fruits, 5-Reels
Popularity:Very low
Available on:Mobile, Desktop
Win lines:192

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Theme and plot of the story

Jump! takes the well-known iconography of the fruit machine and applies it to the creation of a radically different kind of slot machine altogether. The topic — in whatever form it takes – is a classic. The reels are jam-packed with citrusy lemons, luscious cherries, fortunate sevens, and golden bells, to name a few symbols.

This is the point at which the familiarity stops.

Jump! has an unusual 2-2-3-4-4 pattern on its reels, rather from the typical three by one or five by three layouts seen in other video slots. In place of the usual bonus symbols, it has a system of respins and expanding reels linked to the Wild symbol and a counter system.

To put it another way, it’s a quirky slot machine dressed up as a one-armed bandit.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

The visuals are rather decent, yet on some of the browsers we tried, the whole screen looked to be pixelated for some reason.

It is important to note that each slot on the 2-2-3-4-4 grid spins separately rather than as a reel, which creates an unusual visual design that is delicate in its application. Apart from that, the animation is simple yet effective, as one would expect from a Habanero production.

While the background music is a beautiful ambient piece that isn’t overbearing, the spin and victory tones are all inventive spins on the conventional kind of sounds you’d anticipate. It is not a very spectacular piece of sound design, but it is faultless.


Jump! is a unique video slot since the reels are placed in a configuration of 2-2-3-4-4, which is rare for video slots.

This structure contributes to the bonus system, in which re-spins result in the smaller reels increasing as a consequence of the bonus (full details can be found below). The bonus system is where the game’s true peculiarities may be found, but on the whole, the gameplay style of Jump! It is unusual enough to make it stand out in the sometimes monotonous world of slot machines. Jump! It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

The winning combination of symbols triggers the matching symbol on the Stacked Spin counter when you win. Once the Stacked Spin Counter is completely depleted, you will be awarded a bonus spin in which five consecutive symbols of a randomly picked symbol will be guaranteed to appear on the reels of the game.

The Wild symbol may be used to replace any other symbol with the exception of the Scatter symbol. In the main game, unlike many other slots, you can only ever hit one Wild symbol on a single spin.

When you strike a Wild symbol, you will also get a re-spin. If you win during the re-spin, you will be rewarded with another respin, during which the rightmost reel will grow by one symbol until it is four symbols high, and then the next rightmost reel will do the same, and so forth. Additionally, if you get enough re-spins to fill all of the columns with four symbols, you will be awarded 7 free spins.

Between spins, the Wild will bounce around at random, which is most noticeable during re-spins and free spins.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

98.13 percent of the time, this game is profitable for the player. This is far higher than the industry norm and our benchmark of about 96 percent. When you combine the great return to player with the extreme volatility of this slot, you get a game that we truly like: the mathematics Jump!t. A slot with a high level of volatility is a good fit for our favored techniques.

There was a wide selection of bets available on the site we tested, ranging from a minimum wager per spin of $/£/€0.25 up to a maximum stake per spin of $/£/€50.00. The range of bets isn’t as wide as some slots’, and it will exclude some of the lowest and highest rollers from participating, but it will adequately accommodate any mid-stakes players. Because of the significant volatility of the game, players are unlikely to go for the higher value bets.


Jump! is an unexpectedly good slot machine. The first impression is that this is a straightforward fruit machine-style slot, but the fascinating reel arrangement is just the first hint as to how wisely and artistically this slot has been developed.

With just one or two characteristics Jump! develops a complicated and exciting gaming experience by combining it with well-designed audio-visual features, a highly appealing return to player (RTP), and a high level of volatility.

The biggest drawbacks of the site we evaluated were the weirdly pixelated quality and the limited bet range available (other sites may offer different spreads that solve this problem).

This is a spot that we strongly suggest.