Lost Relics

Finding hidden artifacts in Lost Relics is a thrilling adventure packed within a slot machine. Dive in to search for long-lost wealth and to discover the fascinating extra chests that are hidden throughout the game.
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Lost Relics – Finding hidden artifacts in Lost Relics is a thrilling adventure packed within a slot machine. Dive in to search for long-lost wealth and to discover the fascinating extra chests that are hidden throughout the game.

Lost Relics RTP 96.3%

Slot functionSlot description
Slot Provider:NetEnt
Slot date created:May 2018
Features:Bonus feature, Free spins, Autoplay, Quickspin feature
Lost Relics themes:
Available on:Mobile, Desktop
Win lines:20

Review of Lost Relics

Theme and plot of the story

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play Indiana Jones and rummage through trap-laden temples loaded with ancient artifacts in pursuit of something that would earn you a fortune? Although the period of archaeological adventure serials is long gone, you may create your own in Lost Relics if you so want.

In addition to a desert environment, designs that are influenced by Ancient Greek and Roman culture on the reels, and 1930s explorer elements in the backdrop, Lost Relics features a fascinating universe with a lot of implicit narrative behind it.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

The attention to detail in the designs is a big part of what makes this slot come to life. Featuring the steampunk mechanics of the Scatter symbols, the dieselpunk sights of the campsite, and the mythical resonance of Greek helmets and Roman bracelets, all of which have been represented in a way that is much more detailed than what would have been conceivable at the time.

The art style is complemented by the customary high-quality design that NetEnt incorporates into the majority of their work. The animations are diverse and of high quality. In addition to enticing you to play, the music and sound effects perform a good job of generating suspense before a victory and exhilarating the player after a win.


The game of Lost Relics is played on a grid of five by five squares, upon which the symbols are randomly placed. Getting six or more of the identical symbols in a row (i.e. touching vertically or horizontally – diagonals do not count) results in a payment. The reward increases in proportion to the size of the group.

There is no cascade mechanism in place, yet there is an aspect of the result of one spin influencing the outcome of the next in the free spins (see the section on “chests” below).

The gameplay is straightforward, but it is also fast-paced and diverse, particularly when wilds, bonuses, and free spins are included…

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

After every winning spin, a series of three random features may be activated, each of which has a different outcome. Following a winning combination on a reel, up to five of these events may be triggered on a single spin, with each event triggering a different one of the three features.

The Coin Win, Extra Wild, and Extra Scatter occurrences are examples of these random characteristics.

In a Coin Win, one of the symbols from a winning combination is changed into a coin, which pays out between three and thirty times the amount of the wager placed on that combination.

Extra Wild increases the number of wilds on the board by three at random. Due to the fact that you may have up to five occurrences on a single spin, all of which might be Extra Wilds, you can have a maximum of fifteen wilds added to the reels on a single play.

Extra Scatter occurs when one of the winning symbols gets changed into a Scatter in the course of the game.

If you get three Scatter symbols on a single spin, you will be sent to the Free Spins bonus game. You will be awarded 10 free spins in this game. During these spins, a chest is put on the board behind a three-by-three-times grid of three squares. When a tile’s symbol is used as part of a winning combination, the tile is destroyed. Until the chest is opened, the tiles that have been demolished will stay destroyed.

Defeating all of the tiles above a chest allows you to unlock it. You will get a mix of more free spins, sticky wilds, and an amount of coins that will be added to your wins from the free spin rounds when the chest is opened.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

When playing Lost Relics, the return to player is 96.30 percent. This is in the ballpark of the industry average.

The slot features a medium level of volatility, with payouts occurring on a regular basis. Slots with a greater volatility than this are preferred by us since, on general, our techniques perform better with higher volatility slots.

When we checked, the maximum bet per spin permitted on the site we tested was £/$/€400.00, and the lowest bet per spin allowed was £/$/€0.20 (£/$/€0.20).

The greatest win possible on a single spin is one thousand times the amount of money wagered on the spin.


Lost Relics is yet another visually stunning addition to the NetEnt portfolio. If you love the combination of ancient history with archaeology from the twentieth century, you will most likely enjoy its style.

Although it provides a respectable return to player, it is a bit less unpredictable than we would want on a regular basis. It’s a decent game in overall terms, however we would definitely propose something a bit more in line with our preferred techniques.