Pharaoh’s Fortune

Pharaoh's Fortune is a well-made, albeit very simple, video slot with a 95.93 percent return to player (RTP) and a single win line, one-armed bandit style of gameplay.
Pharaoh's Fortune - Microgaming - Egypt

Pharaoh’s Fortune – Pharaoh’s Fortune is a well-made, albeit very simple, video slot with a 95.93 percent return to player (RTP) and a single win line, one-armed bandit style of gameplay.

Pharaoh’s Fortune RTP 95.93%

Slot functionSlot description
Slot Provider:Microgaming
Slot date created:0
Pharaoh’s Fortune themes:Egypt, 3-Reels
Popularity:Very low
Available on:Desktop
Win lines:1

Pharaoh’s Fortune: A Game of Chance

Theme and plot of the story

Taking the player back in time to the fascinating historical realm of ancient Egypt is the goal of Pharaoh’s Fortune. On the reels, sarcophagus masks and pyramids identify the sites of the buried bones of the ancient monarchs, and the backdrop is interwoven with line drawings of hieroglyphics to add to the mystical atmosphere.

When it comes to the realm of slot machines, Egypt is an often returned topic. The iconography is immediately recognizable, and the link with hidden riches is both thematically relevant and effortlessly commercial, making it a popular choice among players.

Pharaoh’s Fortune doesn’t dig very deep into this theme, seeing as it is a pretty light slot in terms of moving parts and available features. However, the theme is present and functions well.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

The visuals are straightforward, as you could expect from a slot that is many decades old. With the exception of the reels, there is practically nothing on the screen that moves. Aside from that, the only additional animations are flashing lines to signal a victory and blinking numbers to show how significant a win is.

There is very little audio to accompany this video. When the reels spin, there is a rushing sound that could as easily be the wind soughing across the desert sands as much as it could be the noise of a reels turning around and around.

Overall, there isn’t much to get excited about in this slot, since it is reduced to merely the most essential elements.


It’s no different when it comes to the gameplay, which has just three reels and a single pay line – it even manages to get away with only four symbols if you don’t include the various sorts of Bar symbols as independent symbols.

There is nothing more to be said about simplicity. There is no gambling option, no bonus, and no unique symbols.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

Pharoah’s Fortune has no Wild symbol, no Bonus game, and no Free Spins. It’s a stripped-down, minimalistic slot machine environment. For some gamers, this is a major selling feature for them. For those who want a few extra features on their slot machine, you should be aware that this game is a desert in which you will not be able to discover such an oasis.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

The return to player for this game is 95.93 percent, which is extremely close to our yardstick of about 96 percent for the average.

There was a wide selection of bets available on the site we tested, ranging from a minimum wager per spin of $/£/€0.25 up to a maximum stake per spin of $/£/€75.00.

The publisher does not provide any information on the volatility of this game. As a consequence, we are unable to evaluate its output.


Pharaoh’s Fortune is a plain and uncomplicated game.

According to our standards, the return to player (RTP) is in the middle of the pack, and the visuals are clean and passable to look at. It is a difficult position to praise, yet it does not get a lot of negative feedback either.

The most crucial factor in determining whether or not a player will appreciate it is how significant unique features are to the gamer in question. The jogging track is for those who prefer bells and whistles, while the sarcophagus is for those who appreciate minimalism in their slot machine play.