Plenty on Twenty

This slot machine is a nightmarish mix of lousy graphics, poor playability, and a low return to player (RTP) (95.61 percent ).
Plenty on Twenty - Unknown - Fruits

Plenty on Twenty – This slot machine is a nightmarish mix of lousy graphics, poor playability, and a low return to player (RTP) (95.61 percent ).

Plenty on Twenty RTP 95.61%

Slot function Slot description
Slot Provider: Unknown
Slot date created: 2014
RTP: 95.61%
Features: Autoplay, Gamble feature
Plenty on Twenty themes: Fruits, 5-Reels
Popularity: Medium
Available on: Mobile, Desktop
Win lines: 20

Plenty on Twenty is a film review.

Theme and plot of the story

Veggie Tales on acid, according to the overall tone of Plenty on Twenty, seems to have been the inspiration for the show. Everything on show here, from the alarming variety of fruit-friends and vegeta-pals on display, seemed to have sprung from the deeper regions of a disturbed mind.

The makers have done their utmost to make these abominations seem nice, dressing them in sunglasses and false eyelashes to achieve this effect. The monster, on the other hand, endures. Don’t stare too long into this pit of fruit, my dear reader, lest the pit turn around and stare back at you.

The designers may have intended to aim for something a bit lighter in tone with their first idea, but something went horribly wrong with the graphics at some point. To give you an example…

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

To say that the images are disturbing would be an understatement. There are certain aspects of the anthropomorphized fruit that are a little odd, making them a little difficult to look at. It’s possible that this might have worked, but the rest of the slot’s design is nearly criminally simplistic.

Gradient color changes in the backdrop, basic animations, and a barrage of sound effects all contribute to amplify the bizarre and destabilizing qualities of the focal characters to an even greater extent.

So, before they can enjoy the gameplay, the user must first come to terms with the aesthetic catastrophe.


In addition, the gameplay is rather straightforward. You have the option to spin the reels.

There isn’t a way to change anything about it. There are no bonus games, and the player only has access to 20 winlines. However, there is a chance to win money.

Once again, it is difficult to comprehend the design’s overall cohesiveness. Despite the fact that this is obviously not designed to be a minimalist slot, it does undershoot on a number of fundamental gameplay characteristics, while not doing so on others.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

The Wild symbol may be used to replace any other symbol with the exception of the Scatter symbol.

There are no bonus rounds or free spins available in this game.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

The return to player for this game is 95.61 percent, which is a bit lower than our yardstick for average, which is about 96 percent. This is enough to make us switch off this channel.

The range of bets available on the site we tested ranged from a minimum bet per spin of $1.00 up to a maximum wager per spin of $100.00 (USD/GBP/EUR).

Because of its medium-high volatility, this game would be an excellent fit for our favored slot machine tactics if the return on investment (RTI) were higher.


Plenty on Twenty is a slot machine that is very popular. It may be difficult to explain why this is the case. It’s a visual trainwreck with very few features and no bonus game to compensate for that lack of variety. The return on investment (RTI) is modest, and the volatility is quite significant.

Overall, this is a spot that we do not suggest.