Rocket Fellas Inc.

Embark on a mining expedition with the dwarven personnel of Rocket Fellas Inc., where the gameplay is excellent, the volatility is great, and the return to player (RTP) is precisely 96, 10 percent.
Rocket Fellas Inc. - Thunderkick - Gems and diamonds

Rocket Fellas Inc. – Embark on a mining expedition with the dwarven personnel of Rocket Fellas Inc., where the gameplay is excellent, the volatility is great, and the return to player (RTP) is precisely 96, 10 percent.

Rocket Fellas Inc. RTP 96.1%

Slot functionSlot description
Slot Provider:Thunderkick
Slot date created:
Rocket Fellas Inc. themes:Gems and diamonds, 5-Reels
Popularity:Very low
Available on:Mobile, Desktop
Win lines:Unknown

Rocket Fellas Inc. is being reviewed.

Theme and plot of the story

Rocket Fellas Inc. is one of those companies that seems to have been created by a committee rather than by a single individual. The title is a play on the Rockefeller family name — the Rockefellers are one of the wealthiest families in American history – and the actors are mining dwarves straight out of Tolkein, but they are working in a California Gold Rush mine to a soundtrack of 1970s funk and soul music. Make the most of it, dear gamer, and do the best you can with it.

Amidst all of this jumble of thematic components is the rocket mechanic, who does not seem to be the ideal fit for the cramped subterranean passageways of an old-fashioned mineshaft…. However, Rocket Fellas Inc. manages to keep its semblance of a plot together as a slot.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

The design aspects are responsible for a big portion of the success of this slot. Using vividly colored valuable stones and much more vibrantly colored beards on the numerous dwarfs, the aesthetic is intentionally comical.

The animations are bombastic and, in the case of the rockets, explosive. They are a good fit for the sound effects and reel sounds that are used.

And even the bizarre funk music doesn’t seem wholly out of place in this vibrantly colored environment.


It is possible to play the Rocket Fellas Inc. basic game on a five-reel, four-row slot machine. Despite the fact that the bonus game is little more than a free spins feature, the basic game retains its appeal due to the diversity given by the many game elements. This is accomplished by the use of numerous special symbols, which are detailed in further detail below.

The player’s attention is maintained by the combination of spicy gameplay and a lighthearted tone.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

The Wild symbol may be used to replace any other symbol on the reels, with the exception of the Scatter symbol, the Barrel symbol, and the Rocket symbol.

Rocket symbols may occur on the left hand reel of the main game and transform into Wild symbols when they do so. As an added bonus, if a barrel symbol appears on the same row as the Rocket symbol, the Rocket will change the barrel into a Wild, as would any additional barrel symbols that are directly linked to it by other barrel symbols, either vertically or horizontally.

If a Barrel sign appears on the screen without a Rocket, it has the same payout potential as any other symbol.

The Bonus game will be triggered if three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. For three Scatter symbols, the player is awarded ten free spins, with an additional five free spins awarded for each subsequent Scatter symbol.

During the Bonus game, the Scatter may be used to increase your total number of spins. Hitting two Scatters in a single spin will provide the player with three more spins, while hitting more than two Scatters will award the player with the same amount of spins as in the standard game.

During the Bonus game, there is an added twist in that any Barrel that is next to a rocket will be transformed into a Sticky Wild and will stay in place until the conclusion of the Bonus game.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

The return to player percentage for Rocket Fellas Inc. is 96.10 percent. This is quite near to our yardstick for average, which is about 96 percent, and hence the game receives a passing grade.

Our recommended slot machine strategies work really well with the Rocket Fellas Inc. because of its high volatility, which makes it a wonderful fit for our favourite slot machine methods.

Unfortunately, there is no method in place to reduce the number of win lines that are played from the regular setting of thirty to a smaller amount. The player’s ability to regulate how volatile the game is reduced as a result of this.

There was a wide selection of bets available on the site we tested, ranging from a minimum wager per spin of $/£/€0.10 up to a maximum stake per spin of $/£/€100.00.


However, underneath the weird surface of Rocket Fellas Inc., there is a good slot machine with all of the essentials in place as well as a few of added twists to keep things interesting.

Because of the great volatility, the Rocket symbol introduces a fascinating concept that is both aesthetically appealing and effective for keeping the game engaging during the sluggish patches that result from this significant fluctuation.

The fair return to player is accompanied with a high volatility which should appeal to the strategists in our audience.

Overall, we really suggest this slot machine.