Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits

When it comes to gaming partners, Cubic Fruit and Strolling Staxx are excellent choices in this slot, which has an average return to player (RTP) and medium volatility but doesn't quite get us going the way we'd want.
Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits - NetEnt - Fruits

Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits – When it comes to gaming partners, Cubic Fruit and Strolling Staxx are excellent choices in this slot, which has an average return to player (RTP) and medium volatility but doesn’t quite get us going the way we’d want.

Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits RTP 95.95%

Slot functionSlot description
Slot Provider:NetEnt
Slot date created:January 2019
Features:Free spins, Autoplay, Quickspin feature
Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits themes:Fruits, 5-Reels
Popularity:Very low
Available on:Mobile, Desktop
Win lines:10

Cubic Fruits by Strolling Staxx are reviewed.

Theme and plot of the story

Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits is more about a sense of style than it is about a particular topic. There is a peaceful rural stream in the background, into which a continual downpour of cubic fruit is being dumped. The trees in the backdrop have been pruned into cubic topiary, and even the clouds in the sky seem to have taken on a boxy appearance.

Whatever terrible genetic tragedy resulted in the formation of this ecosystem will remain a mystery to us, yet it creates an amazingly peaceful world of flowing water and lush greenery.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

Both in terms of execution and design, the visuals are of the highest quality. A wonderful glossy finish is given to the slot, and the 3D animations are executed with a pleasing degree of flair.

It has a very low-key soundtrack, with the sound of flowing water in the background and a very faint musical accompaniment. When you hit a bonus, this music kicks up a gear, but on the whole, the vibe seems to be tranquillity in a way that is especially engaging in the world of slots where loud noises and ringing bells have always beende rigueur.


The fundamental gameplay is similar to that of a five-reel, three-row slot machine. There are a total of 10 winlines spread throughout these rows.

With no traditional extra elements such as a Scatter or Bonus symbol to activate, Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits relies on its stacked and Colossal symbols to provide the player with a rewarding experience (see below for details).

If you get two or three Colossal symbols on a payline, you can win a lot of money. When you combine them with the Strolling Staxx feature, you can win a lot of money. You may pay an additional fee to enable them to fall partly on the reels, boosting the likelihood of striking blocks of a certain symbol.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

The Wild sign may be used to replace any other symbol on the board, and it can even appear as a Colossal symbol.

The Strolling Staxx, as mentioned in the title, are activated when any reel lands with three of the same symbol. This initiates a sequence of respins, during which all symbols of the same kind as the huge one are locked in place and the other symbols are re-spun until the giant symbol is removed. After that, the wins are computed, and all symbols of that kind are moved one place to the left before another respin is triggered to complete the round. The respins come to a stop when the reel that initiated the respin has completely moved off the left-hand side of the reels, as seen in the image below.

These benefits help the game run more smoothly and the bonuses seem more integrated into the game, which contributes to the game’s zen-like mood.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

Approximately 95.95 percent of the time, this game pays out to the player. As far as our approximate yardstick of 96 percent for the industry average goes, we’re dead in the water.

When we evaluated the site, the betting range was from a minimum of $/£/€0.10 per spin up to a maximum of $/£/€100.00 per spin without the Bonus Bet and up to $/£/€150.00 per spin when the Bonus Bet was used.

We favor games with the greatest possible variance in our recommendations, and this game has a medium level of volatility, while we prefer games with the lowest possible variance in our recommendations since they are the games that best complement our chosen methods.


In spite of its appealing visual style and great sound design, Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits’s medium volatility and fairly subpar return to player make it a disappointing game to play.

The time slot is by no means a poor one, but we’d like something that provides a little more bang for our guests’ cash.