Super Jackpot Party

Super Jackpot Party is a slot machine featuring a 70s theme and several entertaining party-themed bonuses. It is severely hampered by a low return on investment (RTP) and unpleasant graphics.
Super Jackpot Party - WMS - 5-Reels

Super Jackpot Party – Super Jackpot Party is a slot machine featuring a 70s theme and several entertaining party-themed bonuses. It is severely hampered by a low return on investment (RTP) and unpleasant graphics.

Super Jackpot Party RTP 96.01%

Slot functionSlot description
Slot Provider:WMS
Slot date created:
Features:Configurable winlines
Super Jackpot Party themes:5-Reels
Available on:Desktop
Win lines:Unknown

Review of the Super Jackpot Party

Theme and plot of the story

The Super Jackpot Party slot machine from WMS Gaming should be a lot of fun to play. Everyone enjoys a nice night out on the town, particularly one that exudes disco-era glam and gives off the distinct impression that someone is ready to bust out a bowl of keys and get the party going in a big way.

The plastic party cups, punch bowls, and birthday presents that make up the reels on the symbols, as well as the polka dot backdrop in groovy purples, help to create some of that vibe in Super Jackpot Party.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the subject is entertaining, the overall visual experience is a letdown.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

This party’s artwork, which looks pixellated on even the tiniest of displays, is used to depict the storyline. The animation is fine, but the sound is a complete disaster.

After all, they do claim ownership of the rights to a number of actual pop songs, so it’s puzzling that the primary theme is a somewhat obnoxious bass riff that repeats and loops till you lose your mind. With the off-key trumpet noise that marks the occurrence of a bonus symbol, the sound design seems to be purposefully attempting to drive players away from the game.

Generally speaking, it’s an awful mess to look at and play with. Unfortunately, while it offers a lot of gameplay aspects that individuals with tough enough eyes and a strong enough stomach may be able to appreciate, the game has been a commercial failure.


In terms of gameplay, Super Jackpot Party seems to be a fairly normal 5-reel video slot. It includes 20 pay lines and a good assortment of bonuses, all of which revolve on a single core game mechanic (see below for details).

Other than that, the gameplay is excellent and generally typical, with the exception of the mixed sevens element, which is a throwback to the more traditional one-armed-bandit games from back in the day.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

The additional feature is, as the name suggests, a party. There are two methods in which it might be activated.

Both striking three or more Bonus symbols and lucking out to trigger a “Surprise Party” feature are viable options for players who want to get their hands on some extra cash. A “Surprise Party” is a completely random feature that the game will award players with from time to time.

The Bonus symbols can only be found on the first, third, and fifth reels.

When this feature is activated, the player is presented with a screen full of gift-wrapped presents. By clicking on the presents, they disclose further benefits, including: Multipliers, Dance, and Whack-a-Pooper are some of the game’s features. Multipliers are exactly what you’d expect them to be. It is possible to gain additional money by playing the Dance feature, which pays out a random amount dependent on how long the dancer continues to dance, and the Whack-a-Popper feature, which is an arcade game in which you click on party poopers to win extra money.

Once you have landed on the Party Pooper, you will have a chance to prolong your bonus round if you land on the Party Saver; otherwise, the game will end and your total bonus win will be calculated.

Overall, perks like this bring diversity, but you must first get them, which is a more difficult task than it may seem.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

As a result of the game’s granular selection of coin sizes and the number of pay lines, it allows players to place a wide range of bets, ranging from $0.01 per spin to $/£/€100.00 per spin – practically cent-for-cent – on the site we tested, where coin sizes varied from $0.01 to $0.01 cents per line.

We don’t think the 96.01 percent return to player is particularly high for this kind of slot, but it isn’t quite high enough to entice us to overlook the various negative aspects of the game.

It is not appropriate to use the tactics we describe elsewhere on this site since the volatility on Super Jackpot Party is quite low compared to other games.


While the gameplay and return on investment are good, the bonus game is highly enjoyable. One has a difficult time getting beyond how awful the presentation of this slot is.

The fact that it has a low level of volatility does not impress us either.

Overall, it’s a difficult game to suggest to anybody other than those who are visually challenged.