Golden Egypt

Once again, an Ancient Egypt slot with some entertaining gameplay to make up for the slot's mediocre design, volatility, and RTP of 96.12%.
Golden Egypt - IGT - Egypt

Golden Egypt – Once again, an Ancient Egypt slot with some entertaining gameplay to make up for the slot’s mediocre design, volatility, and RTP of 96.12%.

Golden Egypt RTP 96.18%

Slot function Slot description
Slot Provider: IGT
Slot date created: November 2016
RTP: 96.18%
Features: Free spins, Autoplay
Golden Egypt themes: Egypt, 5-Reels
Popularity: Medium
Available on: Mobile, Desktop
Win lines: 25

Review of the Golden Egypt

Theme and plot of the story

Egypt during the time of the pharaohs. Again.

Rolling dunes, golden death masks, pleasure boats, jewels, and a scarab beetle infestation are all part of the experience. This is the location for the film Golden Egypt (2007).

While Golden Egypt does not use the traditional hieroglyphics in its design, it does have a more diverse selection of artifacts and characters. The result is a picture of the Ancient Near East that will be recognizable to most slot players, but with a few minor tweaks.

Graphics, sounds, and animations are all included.

The visuals aren’t something to write home about. The backdrop is a superbly modeled Nile-bank estate with pyramids and temples, all of which are included. The reels, on the other hand, are covered with relatively basic artwork. Realistic, yet devoid of personality.

The animations are of a high quality. There are no complicated motions to signal winnings, and the reels spin smoothly and without any weight.

The music is likewise devoid of any sense of mood. An excellent ambient tune serves as the foundation for this piece of music. The noises for winning and spinning are also excellent. However, they may all be utilized on almost any kind of slot machine. There is nothing distinguishing or compelling about this slot that makes it stand out from the others.


Golden Egypt is a five-reel, four-row video slot with a total of 25 paylines.

An interesting Coins counter and a straightforward bonus are included. This is where the slot starts to make some room of its own.

The play has a typical feel to it, but there is enough spice in it to begin to make up for the drab graphics.

Wilds, bonuses, and free spins are all included in this game.

The Wild symbol may be used to replace any other symbol with the exception of the Bonus sign. Wilds arise in the basic game when the counter at the top of a reel reaches the maximum number of positions. As soon as this occurs, the following spin takes a Gold Coin from the counter and the whole reel becomes Wild. This continues indefinitely until the Gold Coins are depleted.

The presence of the Gold Coin symbol on a reel results in the addition of one Gold Coin to the reel’s counter. The player starts with two coins that have been awarded to him or her at random on different reels. On each counter, there is enough space for two Gold Coins.

A Free Spin bonus is triggered when three or more Bonus symbols are present. The player has the option of selecting from three different variance levels: low, medium, and high. Low volatility options provide the player one random reel of Wilds every spin, medium variance options award the player two, and high variance options award the player three random reels of Wilds on each spin.

The quantity of free spins is increased or decreased in accordance with the situation. More spins are required for the low volatility choice, while fewer spins are required for the high variance option.

When three Bonus symbols are landed on a payline, the player will get five spins with three Wild reel, fifteen spins with two Wild reels, and thirty spins with one Wild reel. When four Bonus symbols appear on the reels, the player is awarded double the number of spins at each level of volatility. The number of spins is tripled if you get five Bonus symbols.

We like high-variance alternatives, thus we propose opting for the few spins with a higher number of Wild reels instead.

Bet sizes, return on investment (RTI), and variance

It is worth noting that the return to player for this game is 96.18 percent, which is somewhat higher than our yardstick for average of around 96 percent.

There was a wide variety of bets available on the site we tested, ranging from a minimum of $0.25 to a maximum of $/£/€500.00 each spin, depending on the game.

The volatility of this game is classified as medium by IGT. Because of its moderate volatility, it is a poor fit for our favored slot machine strategy. Our slot techniques are designed to provide the greatest amount of volatility feasible.


When it comes to looks, this slot isn’t doing much to entice us at first sight, thanks to its modest volatility and unappealing graphics.

Players who do not mind decreased volatility, on the other hand, should not be turned off. The gameplay is entertaining and inventive, the return to player (RTP) is good, and the design is competent, though not very eye-catching.

While we do not give this a high recommendation, its widespread use indicates that it is certainly effective for a significant number of players. To determine whether you are one of them, it would be necessary to give it a go.